Raman profileGARP Stock Vault is a source of proprietary investing research for value investors. I’m Raman Minhas and articles are focused on 1) things I pick up along the way which can enhance thinking 2) specific companies or situations I invest in. You’re free to copy either (see Disclaimer below).

I run a small private fund: The ideas here are based on what I use for investing, whether stock specific or by approach. Writing is also a good way to connect with other people interested in investing.

My basic approach to investing is Growth At Reasonable Price (GARP) and outlined here. This involves using both growth and value: investing in good, growing businesses but not overpaying for that growth.

Warren Buffett says “Growth and value are joined at the hip.” Peter Lynch used the approach to grow Fidelity’s Magellan Fund at a 29% annual rate over his tenure.

Outside of investing, my day job involves working with an entrepreneurial healthcare company. The entrepreneurs,  teams and patients I work with are a fascinating group of people – I’m grateful every day for what they teach me.

Previously, I was an ER doctor and a life sciences analyst. I live in a small town an hour from London, UK and enjoy spending time with family, friends, walking and tai chi.